Order of Member
Name of Unit
001-A Shanghai Medical Instrument(Group)Ltd.Corp.
001-B Shanghai Medical Instruments Co.,Ltd.
002 Medical Equipment Factory of Shanghai Medical Instruments Co.,Ltd.
3 Dental Medical Instruments Factory of Shanghai Medical Instruments Co.,Ltd.
004 Dental Materials Factory of Shanghai Medical Instruments Co.,Ltd.
005 Medical Optical Instruments Factory of Shanghai Medical Instruments Co.,Ltd.
006 Shanghai Medical Instruments Co.,Ltd. Medical Instruments Fctory NO.5
007 Shanghai Medical Instruments Wholesale Department
008 shanghai Medical instruments (Group)Ltd.Corp.Surgical Instruments Factor
009 Shanghai Medical Instruments (Group)Ltd.Corp.Hygienic Supplies Works
013 Shanghai Medical Equipment Works Co.,Ltd.
014 Shanghai Huachen Medical Instruments Co.,Ltd.
029 Siemens Shanghai Medical Equipment Ltd.
030 Shanghai ALOKA Medical Equipment Co.,Ltd.
031 Shanghai Kohden Medical Electronic Instrument Co.,Ltd.
32 Shanghai Medison Medical Insruments Co.,Ltd.
033 Shanghai Misawa Medical Industry Co.,Ltd.
034 Shanghai Draeger Medical Instrument Co.,Ltd.
035 Shanghai Burdick Medical Instrument CO.,Ltd.
36 Shanghai Fimet Medical Instrument Co.,Ltd.
037 Heraeus Kulzer Dental Ltd.
038 Shanghai ANTAI Diagnostics Co.,Ltd.
039 Shanghai Victor Medical Instrument Co.,Ltd.
041 Shanghai Medical Instrumentation College
42 Shanghai Testing & Inspection Institute for Medical Devices
049 China Pharmaceutical Group Shanghai Medical Instrument Co.,Ltd.
050 Shanghai Precision & Scientific Instrument Co.,Ltd.
51 Shanghai Laboratory Instrument Works Co.,Ltd.
052 Shanghai Yue Jin Medical Instruments Factory
054 Shanghai PUDONG Jinhuan Medical Products Co.,Ltd.
055 Shanghai ANTING Scientific Instrument Factory
058 Shanghai Hu Tong Electronics Co.,Ltd.
059 Shanghai Yuejin Optical Instruments Factory
061 Shanghai Kangjie Medical Product Co.,Ltd .
062 Shanghai Hesuo Rihuan Photoelectric Instrument Co.,Ltd.
65 Shanghai SANYOU Surgical Instruments Co.,Ltd.
066 Shanghai Shenan Medical Instrument Factory
070 Jiading Medical Equipment Plant of Shanghai
076 Shanghai Centrifuge Institute Co.,Ltd.
077 Shanghai Medical University Instrument Factory
82 Shanghai Jiaoda Nanyang Medical Instrument Co.,Ltd .
090 Shanghai Da Hua Medical Instrument Co.,Ltd.
097 Shanghai DongCheng Optics-Instrrument Factory
105 Shanghai Yida New Technology Research Institute
106 Shanghai Lida Instrument Factory
108 Shanghai Xiemin Medical Dressing Factory
116 Shanghai Kindly Enterprise Development Group Co.,Ltd.
118 Shanghai Specimen and Model Factory
119 Shanghai Pigeon Dental MEG Co.,Ltd.
121 Shanghai Zhanwang Electronic Instrument Co.,Ltd.
125 Shanghai CSL Micro-Image Co.,Ltd.
127 Shanghai Poseidon Medical Electronic Instrument Factory
136 Shanghai Sanseng Medical Instrument Co.,Ltd.
137 Shanghai MDC Science & Trade Co.,Ltd.
141 Shanghai Institute of Biomedical Engineering
145 Shanghai Xian Shen Teaching Instrument Factory
147 Shanghai Xunda Medical Instrument Co.,Ltd.
168 Shanghai Leishuo Medical Equipment Co.,Ltd.
169 Shanghai Jinbaolong Optical Fiber & Electronic Technical Institute Co.,Ltd.
173 Shanghai Renhe Medical Eguipment Co.,Ltd.
179 Shanghai Shangyi Kangge Medical Device Co.,Ltd.
191 QingPu Nikang Dental Instrument Factory
196 Movie Mahinary Fctory of Shanghai Shebei Office Machine Co.,Ltd.
210 Shanghai Latex Factory
213 Shanghai Dongyue Medical Health Product Co.,Ltd.
216 Microport Medical(Shanghai)Co.,Ltd.
218 Shanghai Minqiao Medical Apparatus Co.,Ltd.
227 Shanghai Shengli Wash Equipment Co.,Ltd.
229 B.Braun Medical(Shanghai) International Trading Co.,Ltd.
235 Shanghai Baoshan Baokang Medical Electrinc Instrument Factory
241 Shanghai AOHUA Photoelectricity Endoscope Co.,Ltd.
248 Shanghai Hua Shi Pharmacy Co.,Ltd.
251 Shanghai Optieal Instrument Factory NO.6
254 Shanghai Pharmaceutical Import & Export Corp.
275 Shanghai Jiabao Medicine Health Protection & Tech.Co.,Ltd.
285 Shanghai Apel Medical Instrument Co.,Ltd.
291 Shanghai Jiaxi Medical Service Instrument Factory
292 Shanghai Jiangchuan Environment Protection Equipment Co.,Ltd.
294 Shanghai Transfusion Technology Co.,Ltd
297 Shanghai SunDarb Science & Technology Development Co.,Ltd.
299 Shanghai Pin-xing Science & Technology Co.,Ltd.
301 Shanghai Winner Plastic Surgery Products Co.,Ltd.
306 Shanghai Guijie Medical Instruments Co.,Ltd.
308 Haemonetics Medical Devices(Shanghai) International Trading Co.,Ltd. 
312 Shanghai Thales Electron Co.,Ltd.
316 Shanghai YiBu Electronic Co.,Ltd.
318 Shanghai TongHuan Medical Equipment Co.,Ltd.
322 Hartmann (Shanghai)Commerce Co.,Ltd.
323 Shanghai SQK Health & Fitness Equipment Limited Company 
327 Shanghai Honglian Medical Instrument Development Co.,Ltd.
329 Shanghai Wayo Medical Instruments Co.,Ltd.
332 Shanghai Beter Medical Equipment Co.,Ltd.
334 Shanghai Fangtai Medical Equipment Co.,Ltd.
335 Shanghai Lengguang Tech. Co.,Ltd.
344 Shanghai New Huang Pu Real Estale Co.,Ltd Medical Apparatus Branch
347 Shanghai Shending Industry Co.,Ltd.
354 Shanghai BOOM Invesiment Co.,Ltd.
357 Shanghai QunTian Medical Apparatus Co.,Ltd.
369 Shanghai Yicheng Industrial Co.,Ltd.
372 Shanghai Sigma High Technology  Co.,Ltd.
373 Tiger DRS Inc.
374 Shanghai Yinghao Bopu Medical Appliance Co.,Ltd.
375 Shanghai Sumsung Laboratory Instrument Co.,Ltd.
378 Shanghai Strong Medical Instrument Co.,Ltd.
379 Shanghai Jianyi Industrial Co.,Ltd.
380 Shanghai Hongtex Bio-tech Co.,Ltd.
392 Shanghai He Xin Scientific Instruments Equipment Co.,Ltd.
394 Shanghai Lishen Scientific Equipment Co.,Ltd.
397 Shanghai YiLing Medical Appliance Sales Co.,Ltd
404 Shanghai Double-Dove Ind Co.,Ltd.
421 Nison Instrument(Shanghai) Ltd.
422 Jiyang Technology & Development Co.,Ltd.
427 ShangDa Jishen Technology & Development Co.,Ltd
428 Kodak Electronic Products (Shanghai) Co.,Ltd.
435 Shanghai Bai Yum San He Senstivie Materials Co.,Ltd.
438 Shanghai Weixin Medical Apparatus & Instruments Factory
440 Shanghai He Yi BGM Limited Company
445 HUGER Endoscopy Instruments Co.,Ltd.
446 Shanghai Kangqiang Medical Equipment Co.,Ltd.
448 Shanghai Nation Electronic Co.,Ltd.
452 Shanghai MC Medical Instrument Co.,Ltd.
459 Shanghai Junjian Medical Appliances Co.,Ltd.
464 Shanghai Kejian Health Instrument Co.,Ltd.
472 Shangahi Yongchun Radiation Protective Equipment Co.,Ltd.
477 Shanghai Kangre Iatrical Instrument Equipment Co.,Ltd.
479 Shanghai NO.1 Pharmacy Co.,Ltd.
484 Shanghai Kebang Medical Latex Equipment Co.,Ltd.
487 Shanghai Nanxin Nursing Equipment & Product Co.,Ltd.
489 Shanghai Bojin Electronic Instrument Co.,Ltd.
492 Shandong Weigao Group Medical Polymer Products Co., Ltd.
494 ShangHai Cheng Cheng Medical Equipment Co.,Ltd.
495 Shanghai Eastimage Equipment Co.,Ltd.
496 Shanghai Yuefeg Instruments & Meters Co.,Ltd.
497 Shanghai Kelin Environment Proof Technology Co.,Ltd.
500 Shanghai Medipro Medical Co.,Ltd.
506 Shanghai Yuan Hong Medical Instruments Ltd.
510 Shanghai Kangshou Medical Device Co.,Ltd.
512 Shanghai Danying Medical Instrument Co.,Ltd.
518 Shanghai Tong An Medical Equipment Ltd.
520 Shanghai Xincheng Medical Instrument Co.,Ltd.
523 Shanghai Jinshi Science & Technology Development Co.,Ltd.
529 Automatic Innovations Electronic (shanghai)Ltd.
530 Shanghai Fudan Digi-medical Technology Co.,Ltd.
534 Shanghai Medical Equipments Research Institute Co.,Ltd.
535 Shanghai Pharmaceutical Co.,Ltd.
543 Shanghai Youkang Medical Treatment Instrument Co.,Ltd.
545 Shanghai Cilan Trade Co.,Ltd
546 Sgahnghai Yonghe Science & Technology Development Ltd.
548 Shanghai Kehua Laboratory System Co.,Ltd.
550 Shanghai Aixun Medical Equipment Co.,Ltd.
551 Shanghai Yankai Electrucs & Technics Co.,Ltd.
553 Medsphere International (Shanghai) Co.,Ltd.
553 Medsphere International (Shanghai) Co.,Ltd.
555 Shanghai Haoyi Medical Product Co.,Ltd.
558 Shanghai Xinsheng Photoelectric Technology Co.,Ltd.
560 Shanghai Kangqiao Dental Instruments Factory
563 Shanghai Techway Information & Technology Cousulting Co.,Ltd.
565 Shanghai Swof Power Supply Technology Co.,Ltd.
572 Shanghai Puyi Medical Instrument Co.,Ltd.
576 Wuxi J & L Metal Products Co.,Ltd. Shanghai Branch